James 2:25

Rahab the harlot (Raab h pornh). Her vicious life she left behind, but the name clung to her always. For our purposes the argument of James may seem stronger without the example of Rahab ( Joshua 2:1-21 ; Joshua 6:17 ; Joshua 22-25 ; Matthew 1:5 ; Hebrews 11:31 ). It is even said in Jewish Midrash that Rahab married Joshua and became an ancestor of Jeremiah and Ezekiel. In that she received (upodexamenh). First aorist middle participle of upodecomai, to welcome. The messengers (tou aggelou). Original meaning of aggelo ( Matthew 11:10 ). In Hebrews 11:31 we have kataskopou (spies, scouts). Sent out (ekbalousa). Second aorist active participle of ekballw, to hurl out. Another way (eterai odwi). "By another way" (instrumental case), by a window instead of a door ( Joshua 2:15 ).