James 3:8

No one (oudei). Especially his own tongue and by himself, but one has the help of the Holy Spirit. A restless evil (akatastaton kakon). Correct reading, not akatasceton, for which see Acts 1:8 . The tongue is evil when set on fire by hell, not evil necessarily. Full of deadly poison (mesth iou qanathporou). Feminine adjective agreeing with glwssa, not with kakon (neuter). Iou (poison here, as in Romans 3:13 , but rust in James 5:3 , only N.T. examples), old word. Genitive case after mesth (full of). Tanathporou, old compound adjective (from qanato, death, perw, to bear or bring), death-bringing. Here only in N.T. Like the restless death-bringing tongue of the asp before it strikes.