James 3:9

Therewith (en auth). This instrumental use of en is not merely Hebraistic, but appears in late Koin writers (Moulton, Prol., pp. 11f., 61f.). See also Romans 15:6 . We bless (eulogoumen). Present active indicative of eulogew, old verb from eulogo (a good word, eu, logo), as in Luke 1:64 of God. "This is the highest function of speech" (Hort). The Lord and Father (ton kurion kai patera). Both terms applied to God. Curse we (katarwmeqa). Present middle indicative of the old compound verb kataraomai, to curse (from katara a curse), as in Luke 6:28 . Which are made after the likeness of God (tou kaq omoiwsin qeou gegonota). Second perfect articular participle of ginomai and omoiwsi, old word from omoiow (to make like), making like, here only in N.T. (from Genesis 1:26 ; Genesis 9:6 ), the usual word being omoiwma, resemblance ( Philippians 2:7 ). It is this image of God which sets man above the beasts. Cf. 2 Corinthians 3:18 .