James 4:6

More grace (meizona carin). "Greater grace." Greater than what? "Greater grace in view of the greater requirement" (Ropes), like Romans 5:20 . God does this. Wherefore (dio). To prove this point James quotes Proverbs 3:34 . God resisteth the proud (o qeo uperhpanoi antitassetai). Present middle (direct) indicative of antitassw, old military term, to range in battle against, with dative case ( Romans 13:2 ) as in James 5:6 . Huperhpanoi (uper, painomai) is like our vernacular "stuck-up folks" ( Romans 1:30 ), "haughty persons." But giveth grace to the humble (tapeinoi de didwsin carin). Anarthrous adjective again, "to humble or lowly persons," for which word see Romans 1:9 . Cf. Romans 2:5-7 ; Romans 5:1-6 .