John 10:5

A stranger (allotriwi). Literally, "One belonging to another" (from allo, opposed to idio). A shepherd of another flock, it may be, not necessarily the thief and robber of verse John 1 . Note associative instrumental case after akolouqhsousin (future active indicative of akolouqew, verse John 4 ). Note the strong double negative ou mh here with the future indicative, though usually with the aorist subjunctive (Aleph L W have it here). They simply will not follow such a man or woman, these well-trained sheep will not. But will flee from him (alla peuxontai ap autou). Future middle of peugw and ablative case with apo. They will flee as if from a wolf or from the plague. Alas and alas, if only our modern pastors had the sheep (old and young) so trained that they would run away from and not run after the strange voices that call them to false philosophy, false psychology, false ethics, false religion, false life.

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