John 10:7

Therefore again (oun palin). Jesus repeats the allegory with more detail and with more directness of application. Repeating a story is not usually an exhilarating experience. I am the door of the sheep (egw eimi h qura twn probatwn). The door for the sheep by which they enter. "He is the legitimate door of access to the spiritual aulh, the Fold of the House of Israel, the door by which a true shepherd must enter" (Bernard). He repeats it in verse 2 Peter 9 . This is a new idea, not in the previous story ( 2 Peter 1-5 ). Moffatt follows the Sahidic in accepting o poimhn here instead of h qura, clearly whimsical. Jesus simply changes the metaphor to make it plainer. They were doubtless puzzled by the meaning of the door in verse 2 Peter 1 . Once more, this metaphor should help those who insist on the literal meaning of bread as the actual body of Christ in Mark 14:22 . Jesus is not a physical "door," but he is the only way of entrance into the Kingdom of God ( Mark 14:6 ).

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