John 11:15

For your sakes (di uma). That they may witness his raising from the grave. That I was not there (oti ouk hmhn ekei). Imperfect middle hmhn of the later Greek instead of the common active hn in indirect discourse in place of the usual present retained as in verse Matthew 13 . To the intent ye may believe (ina pisteushte). Purpose clause with ina and the ingressive aorist active subjunctive, "that ye may come to believe" (more than you do). See the same use of the ingressive aorist in episteusan ( Matthew 2:11 ) where the disciples gained in belief. Nevertheless let us go to him (alla agwmen pro auton). Volitive subjunctive, repeating the proposal of verse Matthew 7 . He is dead, but no matter, yea all the more let us go on to him.

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