John 11:16

Didymus (Didumo). The word means twin. Clearly Thomas had a twin brother or sister. Applied two other times to him ( Matthew 20:24 ; Matthew 21:2 ). The Aramaic word for Thomas means Twin and Didymus is just the Greek equivalent of Thomas. He may even in Greek circles have been called Didymus. His fellow disciples (toi sunmaqhtai). Dative case and article use like "his." Only use of sunmaqhte in the N.T., rare word (in Plato). Us also (kai hmei). As well as Jesus, since he is bent on going. That we may die with him (ina apoqanwmen met autou). Purpose clause with ina and the second aorist active subjunctive of apoqnhskw. Die with Jesus, Thomas means. Lazarus is already dead and they will kill Jesus (verse Matthew 8 ). Pessimistic courage surely.