John 11:41

So they took away the stone (hran oun ton liqon). First aorist active indicative of airw, but without the explanatory gloss of the Textus Receptus "from the place where the dead was laid" (not genuine). I thank thee that thou heardest me (eucaristw soi oti hkousa mou). See Acts 6:11 for eucaristew. Clearly Jesus had prayed to the Father concerning the raising of Lazarus. He has the answer before he acts. "No pomp of incantation, no wrestling in prayer even; but simple words of thanksgiving, as if already Lazarus was restored" (Dods). Jesus well knew the issues involved on this occasion. If he failed, his own claims to be the Son of God (the Messiah), would be hopelessly discredited with all. If he succeeded, the rulers would be so embittered as to compass his own death.

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