John 11:42

And I knew (egw de hdein). Past perfect of oida used as imperfect. This confident knowledge is no new experience with Jesus. It has "always" (pantote) been so. Which standeth around (ton periestwta). Second perfect active (intransitive) articular participle of periisthmi. It was a picturesque and perilous scene. That they may believe (ina pisteuswsin). Purpose clause with ina and first ingressive aorist active subjunctive of pisteuw, "that they may come to believe." That thou didst send me (oti su me apesteila). First aorist active indicative of apostellw and note position of su me side by side. This claim Jesus had long ago made ( Acts 5:36 ) and had repeatedly urged ( Acts 10:25 Acts 10:38 ). Here was a supreme opportunity and Jesus opens his heart about it.

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