John 11:43

He cried with a loud voice (pwnh megalh ekraugasen). First aorist active indicative of kraugazw, old and rare word from kraugh ( Matthew 25:6 ). See Matthew 12:19 . Occurs again in John 18:40 ; John 19:6 John 19:12 . Only once in the LXX ( Ezra 3:13 ) and with pwnh megalh (either locative or instrumental case makes sense) as here. For this "elevated (great) voice" see also Matthew 24:31 ; Mark 15:34 Mark 15:37 ; Revelation 1:10 ; Revelation 21:3 . The loud voice was not for the benefit of Lazarus, but for the sake of the crowd standing around that they might see that Lazarus came forth simultaneously with the command of Jesus. Lazarus, come forth (Lazare, deuro exw). "Hither out." No verb, only the two adverbs, deuro here alone in John. Lazarus heard and obeyed the summons.