John 11:47

Gathered a council (sunhgagon sunedrion). Second aorist active indicative of sunagw and sunedrion, the regular word for the Sanhedrin ( Matthew 5:22 , etc.), only here in John. Here a sitting or session of the Sanhedrin. Both chief priests (Sadducees) and Pharisees (mentioned no more in John after 11:57 save Jo 12:19 Jo 12:42 ; 18:3 ) combine in the call (cf. 7:32 ). From now on the chief priests (Sadducees) take the lead in the attacks on Jesus, though loyally supported by their opponents (the Pharisees). And said (kai elegon). Imperfect active of legw, perhaps inchoative, "began to say." What do we? (Ti poioumen;). Present active (linear) indicative of poiew. Literally, "What are we doing?" Doeth (poiei). Better, "is doing" (present, linear action). He is active and we are idle. There is no mention of the raising of Lazarus as a fact, but it is evidently inoluded in the "many signs."

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