John 11:48

If we let him thus alone (ean apwmen auton outw). Condition of third class with ean and second aorist active subjunctive of apihmi. "Suppose we leave him thus alone." Suppose also that he keeps on raising the dead right here next door to Jerusalem! All will believe on him (pante pisteusousin ei auton). Future active of pisteuw. The inevitable conclusion, "all" (pante), not just "some" (tine). as now. And the Romans will come (kai eleusontai oi Rwmaioi). Another inevitable result with the future middle of ercomai. Only if the people take Jesus as their political Messiah (Jo 6:15) as they had once started to do. This is a curious muddle for the rulers knew that Jesus did not claim to be a political Messiah and would not be a rival to Caesar. And yet they use this fear (their own belief about the Messiah) to stir themselves to frenzy as they will use it with Pilate later. And take away both our place and our nation (kai arousin hmwn kai ton topon kai to eqno). Future active of airw, another certain result of their inaction. Note the order here when "place" (job) is put before nation (patriotism), for all the world like modern politicians who make the fate of the country turn on their getting the jobs which they are seeking. In the course of time the Romans will come, not because of the leniency of the Sanhedrin toward Jesus, but because of the uprising against Rome led by the Zealots and they will destroy both temple and city and the Sanhedrin will lose their jobs and the nation will be scattered. Future historians will say that this fate came as punishment on the Jews for their conduct toward Jesus.

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