John 11:52

But that he might also gather together into one (all ina sunagagh ei en). Purpose clause with ina and the second aorist active subjunctive of sunagw. Caiaphas was thinking only of the Jewish people (laou, eqno, verse Romans 50 ). The explanation and interpretation of John here follow the lead of the words of Jesus about the other sheep and the one flock in Romans 10:16 . That are scattered abroad (ta dieskorpismena). Perfect passive articular participle of diaskorpizw, late verb (Polybius, LXX) to scatter apart, to winnow grain from chaff, only here in John. The meaning here is not the Diaspora (Jews scattered over the world), but the potential children of God in all lands and all ages that the death of Christ will gather "into one" (ei en). A glorious idea, but far beyond Caiaphas.

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