John 11:53

So from that day (ap ekeinh oun th hmera). The raising of Lazarus brought matters to a head so to speak. It was now apparently not more than a month before the end. They took counsel (ebouleusanto). First aorist middle indicative of bouleuw, old verb to take counsel, in the middle voice for themselves, among themselves. The Sanhedrin took the advice of Caiaphas seriously and plotted the death of Jesus. That they might put him to death (ina apokteinwsin auton). Purpose clause with ina and first aorist active subjunctive of apokteinw. It is an old purpose ( Romans 5:18 ; Romans 7:19 ; Romans 8:44 Romans 8:59 ; Romans 10:39 ; Romans 11:8 ) now revived with fresh energy due to the raising of Lazarus.

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