John 12:18

The multitude (o oclo). The multitude of verse Revelation 13 , not the crowd just mentioned that had been with Jesus at the raising of Lazarus. There were two crowds (one following Jesus, one meeting Jesus as here). Went and met him (uphnthsen autwi). First aorist active indicative of upantaw, old compound verb (upo, antaw) to go to meet, with associative instrumental case autwi. Cf. John 4:51 . That he had done this sign (touto auton pepoihkenai to shmeion). Perfect active infinitive in indirect discourse after hkousan (first aorist active indicative of akouw, to hear) (instead of a oti clause) with the accusative of general reference auton (as to him) and another accusative (shmeion, sign) the object of the infinitive. Clearly there was much talk about the raising of Lazarus as the final proof that Jesus in truth is the Messiah of Jewish hope.

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