John 12:19

The Pharisees therefore laid among themselves (oi oun Parisaioi eipan pro eautou). Graphic picture of the predicament of the Pharisees standing off and watching the enthusiastic crowds sweep by. As people usually do, they blame each other for the defeat of their plots against Jesus and for his final victory, as it seemed. Behold how ye prevail nothing (qewreite oti ouk wpeleite ouden). It was a pathetic confession of failure because the rest of the plotters had bungled the whole thing. "Ye help nothing at all" by your plots and plans. Lo, the world is gone after him (ide o kosmo opisw autou aphlqen). Exclamatory use of ide and timeless aorist active indicative of apercomai. The "world" is a bunch of fools, they feel, but see for yourselves. And the Sanhedrin had advertised to "find" Jesus! They can find him now!

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