John 12:20

Certain Greeks (Hellhne tine). Real Greeks, not Greek-speaking Jews (Hellenists, Acts 6:1 ), but Greeks like those in Antioch ( Acts 11:20 , correct text pro tou Hellhna) to whom Barnabas was sent. These were probably proselytes of the gate or God-fearers like those worshipping Greeks in Thessalonica whom Paul won to Christ ( Acts 17:4 ). To worship at the feast (ina proskunhswsin en th eorth). Purpose clause with ina and the first aorist active subjunctive of proskunew, old and common verb to kiss the hand in reverence, to bow the knee in reverence and worship. We do not know whence they came, whether from Decapolis, Galilee, or further away. They found the pilgrims and the city ringing with talk about Jesus. They may even have witnessed the triumphal entry.

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