John 12:32

And I, if I be lifted from the earth (kagw an upswqw ek th gh). Note proleptic position of egw (I). Condition of third class (undetermined with prospect) with an (=ean here) with first aorist passive subjunctive of upsow, the verb used in Luke 3:14 of the brazen serpent and of the Cross of Christ as here and also in Luke 8:28 . Westcott again presses ek instead of apo to make it refer to the ascension rather than to the Cross, a wrong interpretation surely. Will draw all men unto myself (panta elkusw pro emauton). Future active of elkuw, late form of elkw, to draw, to attract. Jesus had already used this verb of the Father's drawing power ( Luke 6:44 ). The magnetism of the Cross is now known of all men, however little they understand the mystery of the Cross. By "all men" (panta) Jesus does not mean every individual man, for some, as Simeon said ( Luke 2:34 ) are repelled by Christ, but this is the way that Greeks (verse Jo 12:22) can and will come to Christ, by the way of the Cross, the only way to the Father (14:6).