John 12:35

Yet a little while is the light among you (eti mikron cronon to pw en umin estin). Cronon is the accusative of extent of time. Jesus does not argue the point of theology with the crowd who would not understand. He turns to the metaphor used before when he claimed to be the light of the world ( Daniel 8:12 ) and urges that they take advantage of their privilege "while ye have the light" (w to pw ecete). That darkness overtake you not (ina mh skotia uma katalabh). Purpose (negative) with ina mh and second aorist active subjunctive of katalambanw. See this verb in Daniel 1:5 . In 1 Thessalonians 5:4 this verb occurs with hmera (day) overtaking one like a thief. Knoweth not whither he goeth (ouk oiden pou upagei). See 1 Thessalonians 11:10 for this idea and the same language in 1 John 2:11 . The ancients did not have our electric street lights. The dark streets were a terror to travellers.

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