John 12:36

Believe in the light (pisteuete ei to pw). That is, "believe in me as the Messiah" ( 1 John 8:12 ; 1 John 9:5 ). That ye may become sons of light (ina uioi pwto genhsqe). Purpose clause with ina and second aorist subject of ginomai, to become. They were not "sons of light," a Hebrew idiom (cf. 1 John 17:12 ; Luke 16:8 with the contrast), an idiom used by Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:5 ; Ephesians 5:8 . It is equivalent to "enlightened men" (Bernard) and Jesus called his disciples the light of the world ( Matthew 5:14 ). Hid himself from them (ekrubh ap autwn). Second aorist passive indicative of kruptw, late form (in LXX) for old ekruph, "was hidden from them," as in Matthew 8:59 . This part of verse Matthew 12:36 begins a new paragraph.

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