John 12:47

If any one (ean ti). Third-class condition with ean and first aorist active subjunctive (akoush) of akouw and same form (pulaxh) of pulassw with negative mh. But to save the world (all ina swsw ton kosmon). Purpose clause again (cf. ina krinw, just before) with ina and first aorist active of sz. Exaggerated contrast again, "not so much to judge, but also to save." See Luke 3:17 for same contrast. And yet Jesus does judge the world inevitably ( Luke 8:15 ; Luke 9:39 ), but his primary purpose is to save the world ( Luke 3:16 ). See close of the Sermon on the Mount for the same insistence on hearing and keeping (obeying) the words of Jesus ( Matthew 7:24 Matthew 7:26 ) and also Luke 11:28 .

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