John 12:48

Rejecteth (aqetwn). Present active participle of aqetew, late Koin verb (from aqeto, a privative, and tiqhmi), to render null and void, only here in John, but see Mark 6:26 ; Mark 7:9 . One that judgeth him (ton krinonta auton). Articular present active participle of krinw. See same idea in Mark 5:45 ; Mark 8:50 . The same (ekeino). "That" very word of Christ which one rejects will confront him and accuse him to the Father "at the last day" (en th escath hmerai, this phrase peculiar to John). There is no escaping it. And yet Jesus himself will bear witness for or against the one whose conduct has already revealed his attitude towards the message of God ( Matthew 10:32 ; Luke 12:8 ).

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