John 13:15

An example (upodeigma). For the old paradeigma (not in N.T.), from upodeiknumi, to show under the eyes as an illustration or warning ( Matthew 3:7 ), common in the papyri for illustration, example, warning, here only in John, but in James 5:10 ; 2 Peter 2:6 ; Hebrews 4:11 ; Hebrews 8:5 ; Hebrews 9:26 . Peter uses tupoi ( 1 Peter 5:3 ) with this incident in mind. In Jude 1:7 deigma (without upo) occurs in the sense of example. That ye also should do (ina kai umei poihte). Purpose clause with ina and the present active subjunctive of poiew (keep on doing). Doing what? Does Jesus here institute a new church ordinance as some good people today hold? If so, it is curious that there is no record of it in the N.T. Jesus has given the disciples an object lesson in humility to rebuke their jealousy, pride, and strife exhibited at this very meal. The lesson of the "example" applies to all the relations of believers with each other. It is one that is continually needed.

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