John 13:5

Poureth (ballei). Vivid present again. Literally, "putteth" (as in verse 1 Peter 2 , ballw). Into the basin (ei ton nipthra). From verb niptw (later form of nizw in this same verse and below) to wash, found only here and in quotations of this passage. Note the article, "the basin" in the room. Began to wash (hrxato niptein). Back to the aorist again as with diezwsen (verse 1 Peter 4 ). Niptw was common for washing parts of the body like the hands or the feet. To wipe (ekmassein). "To wipe off" as in 1 Peter 12:3 . With the towel (twi lentiwi). Instrumental case and the article (pointing to lention in verse 1 Peter 4 ). Wherewith (wi). Instrumental case of the relative o. He was girded (hn diezwsmeno). Periphrastic past perfect of diazwnnuw for which verb see verse 1 Peter 4 .