John 13:4

Riseth from supper (egeiretai ek tou deipnou). Vivid dramatic present middle indicative of egeirw. From the couch on which he was reclining. Layeth aside (tiqhsin). Same dramatic present active of tiqhmi. His garments (ta imatia). The outer robe talliq (imation) and with only the tunic (citwn) on "as one that serveth" ( Luke 22:27 ). Jesus had already rebuked the apostles for their strife for precedence at the beginning of the meal ( Luke 22:24-30 ). A towel (lention). Latin word linteum, linen cloth, only in this passage in the N.T. Girded himself (diezwsen eauton). First aorist active indicative of diazwnnuw (-umi), old and rare compound (in Plutarch, LXX, inscriptions, and papyri), to gird all around. In N.T. only in John ( Luke 13:4 Luke 13:5 ; Luke 21:7 ). Did Peter not recall this incident when in 1 Peter 5:5 he exhorts all to "gird yourselves with humility" (thn tapeinoprosunhn egkombwsasqe)?