John 13:2

During supper (deipnou ginomenou). Correct text, present middle participle of ginomai (not genomenou, second aorist middle participle, "being ended") genitive absolute. Verse John 4 shows plainly that the meal was still going on. The devil having already put (tou diabolou hdh beblhkoto). Another genitive absolute without a connective (asyndeton), perfect active participle of ballw, to cast, to put. Luke ( Luke 22:3 ) says that Satan entered Judas when he offered to betray Jesus. Hence John's "already" (hdh) is pertinent. John repeats his statement in verse Luke 27 . In John 6:70 Jesus a year ago had seen that Judas was a devil. To betray him (ina paradoi auton). Cf. Acts 5:3 . Purpose clause with ina and second aorist active subjunctive of paradidwmi (form in -oi as in Mark 14:10 rather than the usual -wi in Luke 22:4 ). Satan had an open door by now into the heart of Judas.