John 13:3

Knowing (eidw). Repeated from verse Luke 1 , accenting the full consciousness of Jesus. Had given (edwken). So Aleph B L W, aorist active instead of dedwken (perfect active) of didwmi. Cf. Luke 3:31 for a similar statement with en instead of ei. See Matthew 11:27 ( Luke 10:22 ) and Matthew 28:18 for like claim by Jesus to complete power. And that he came forth from God, and goeth unto God (kai oti apo qeou exhlqen kai pro ton qeon upagei). See plain statement by Jesus on this point in Matthew 16:28 . The use of pro ton qeon recalls the same words in Matthew 1:1 . Jesus is fully conscious of his deity and Messianic dignity when he performs this humble act.