John 14:22

Not Iscariot (ouc o Iskariwth). Judas Iscariot had gone ( Romans 13:30 ), but John is anxious to make it clear that this Judas (common name, two apostles also named James) was not the infamous traitor. He is also called Thaddaeus or Lebbaeus ( Mark 3:17 ; Matthew 10:3 ) and the brother (or son) of James (Jo 6:15; Acts 1:13 ). This is the fourth interruption of the talk of Jesus (by Peter, Jo 13:36; by Thomas, Jo 14:5; by Philip, Jo 14:8; by Judas, Jo 14:22). And not to the world (kai ouci twi kosmwi). Judas caught at the word empanizw in verse Jo 21 as perhaps a Messianic theophany visible to all the world as at the judgment (Jo 5:27). He seems to suspect a change of plan on the part of Jesus (ti gegonen oti=how has it happened that).

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