John 14:23

If a man love me (ean ti agapai me). Condition of third class with ean and present active subjunctive, "if one keep on loving me." That is key to the spiritual manifestation (empanizw). We will come (eleusomeqa). Future middle of ercomai and first person plural (the Father and I), not at the judgment, but here and now. And make our abode with him (kai monhn par autwi poihsomeqa). See verse Jo 2 for the word monh (dwelling, abiding place). If the Holy Spirit "abides" (menei, verse Jo 17) in you, that heart becomes a temple (nao) of the Holy Spirit ( 1 Corinthians 3:16 ), and so a fit dwelling place for the Father and the Son, a glorious and uplifting reality.

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