John 14:3

If I go (ean poreuqw). Third-class condition (ean and first aorist passive subjunctive of poreuomai). And prepare (kai etoimasw). Same condition and first aorist active subjunctive of the same verb etoimazw. I come again (palin ercomai). Futuristic present middle, definite promise of the second coming of Christ. And will receive you unto myself (kai paralhmpsomai uma pro emauton). Future middle of paralambanw. Literally, "And I shall take you along (para-) to my own home" (cf. Hebrews 13:36 ). This blessed promise is fulfilled in death for all believers who die before the Second Coming. Jesus comes for us then also. That where I am there ye may be also (ina opou eimi egw kai umei hte). Purpose clause with ina and present active subjunctive of eimi. This the purpose of the departure and the return of Christ. And this is heaven for the believer to be where Jesus is and with him forever.

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