John 14:2

Mansions (monai). Old word from menw, to abide, abiding places, in N.T. only here and verse Mark 23 . There are many resting-places in the Father's house (oikia). Christ's picture of heaven here is the most precious one that we possess. It is our heavenly home with the Father and with Jesus. If it were not so (ei de mh). Ellipsis of the verb ( Mark 2:21 ; Revelation 2:5 Revelation 2:16 ; John 14:11 ). Here a suppressed condition of the second class (determined as unfulfilled) as the conclusion shows. I would have told you (eipon an umin). Regular construction for this apodosis (an and aorist--second active--indicative). For I go (oti poreuomai). Reason for the consolation given, futuristic present middle indicative, and explanation of his words in John 13:33 that puzzled Peter so ( John 13:36 ). To prepare a place for you (etoimasai topon umin). First aorist active infinitive of purpose of etoimazw, to make ready, old verb from etoimo. Here only in John, but in Mark 10:40 ( Matthew 20:23 ). It was customary to send one forward for such a purpose ( Numbers 10:33 ). So Jesus had sent Peter and John to make ready (this very verb) for the passover meal ( Mark 14:12 ; Matthew 26:17 ). Jesus is thus our Forerunner (prodromo) in heaven ( Hebrews 6:20 ).

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