John 16:20

Ye shall weep and lament (klausete kai qrhnhsete). Future active of klaiw and qrhnew, both old words (for klaiw see John 11:31 , for qrhnew see Matthew 11:17 ), both words used of the loud lamentations so common in the east. Shall rejoice (carhsetai). Second future passive of cairw in violent contrast. Picture the women on the way to the Cross ( Luke 23:27 , ekoptonto kai eqrhnoun, two descriptive imperfects) and Mary Magdalene by the tomb ( John 20:11 , klaiousa). Ye shall be sorrowful (luphqhsesqe). First future passive of lupew, word for inward grief. See the change from sorrow to joy in John 20:14-16 when "they disbelieved for joy" ( Luke 24:41 ). So violent was the reaction on the sudden appearance of Jesus.

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