John 16:21

A woman (h gunh). "The woman," any woman. When she is in travail (otan tikth). Indefinite temporal clause, "whenever she is about to bear (or give birth)," otan and present active subjunctive of tiktw, common O.T. image for pain. Her hour is come (hlqen h wra auth). Second aorist active indicative, timeless aorist, "her hour" for giving birth which she knows is like a living death. But when she is delivered of the child (otan de gennhsh to paidion). Indefinite temporal clause with otan and first aorist active subjunctive of gennaw. "But whenever she bears the child." The anguish (th qlipsew). Genitive case after mnhmoneuei of qlipsi, usual word for tribulation ( Matthew 13:21 ). Is born (egennhqh). First aorist (effective) passive indicative of gennaw.