John 16:32

Cometh (ercetai). Futuristic present middle indicative of ercomai. Yea, is come (kai elhluqen). Explanatory use of kai and the perfect active indicative as in Jo 12:23. The long-looked-for hour (wra) is so close that it has virtually begun. The time for the arrest of Jesus is near. See also Jo 17:1. That (ina). See verse Jo 16:2 for this same use of ina (not ote) with ercomai wra. Ye shall be scattered (skorpisqhte). First aorist passive subjunctive of skorpizw, used in Jo 10:12 of sheep scampering from the wolf. Cf. Matthew 12:30 ; Luke 11:33 . To his own (ei ta idia). "To his own home" as in Luke 1:11 ; Luke 19:27 . So Appian VI. 23. Shall leave (aphte). Second aorist subjunctive of apihmi with ina. And yet (kai). Clear case of kai in adversative sense, not just "and."