John 16:33

That in me ye may have peace (ina en emoi eirhnhn echte). Present active subjunctive of ecw, "that ye may keep on having peace in me," even when I am put to death, peace to be found nowhere save in me ( Luke 14:27 ). Be of good cheer (qarseite). Imperative active from qarso, courage ( Acts 28:15 ). A word for courage in the face of danger, only here in John, but see Matthew 9:2 Matthew 9:22 ; Mark 10:49 . I have overcome the world (egw, nenikhka ton kosmon). Perfect active indicative of nikaw, to be victorious, to conquer. Always of spiritual victory in the N.T. See 1 John 5:4 . This majestic proclamation of victory over death may be compared with tetelestai (It is finished) in John 19:30 as Christ died and with Paul's upernikwmen (we are more than conquerors) in Romans 8:37 .