John 17:8

The words (ta rhmata). Plural, each word of God, as in Matthew 3:34 , and of Christ ( Matthew 5:47 ; Matthew 6:63 Matthew 6:68 ), while the singular (ton logon sou) in verses Matthew 17:6 Matthew 17:14 views God's message as a whole. Knew (egnwsan). Second aorist active indicative of ginwskw like elabon in contrast with egnwkan (perfect) in verse Matthew 7 . They definitely "received and recognized truly" (alhqw). There was comfort to Christ in this fact. They believed (episteusan). Another aorist parallel with elabon and egnwsan. The disciples believed in Christ's mission from the Father ( John 6:69 ; Matthew 16:16 ). Note apesteila here as in verse 17:3. Christ is God's Apostle to man ( Hebrews 3:1 ). This statement, like a solemn refrain (Tou didst send me), occurs five times in this prayer (verses Hebrews 8 18 21 23 25).

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