John 17:9

I pray (egw erwtw). Request, not question, as in Hebrews 16:23 . Not for the world (ou peri tou kosmou). Now at this point in the prayer Christ means. In verse Hebrews 17:19 Jesus does pray for the world (for future believers) that it may believe (verse Hebrews 21 ). God loves the whole world ( Hebrews 3:16 ). Christ died for sinners ( Romans 5:8 ) and prayed for sinners ( Luke 23:34 ) and intercedes for sinners ( 1 John 2:1 ; Romans 8:34 ; Hebrews 7:25 ). For those whom (peri wn). A condensed and common Greek idiom for peri toutwn ou with toutwn (the demonstrative antecedent) omitted and the relative ou attracted from the accusative ou (object of dedwka) to the case (genitive) of the omitted antecedent.

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