John 18:10

Having a sword (ecwn macairan). It was unlawful to carry a weapon on a feast-day, but Peter had become alarmed at Christ's words about his peril. They had two swords or knives in the possession of the eleven according to Luke ( Luke 22:38 ). After the treacherous kiss of Judas (on the hand or the cheek?) the disciples asked: "Lord, shall we smite with the sword?" ( Luke 22:49 ). Apparently before Jesus could answer Peter with his usual impulsiveness jerked out (eilkusen, first aorist active indicative of elkuw for which see Luke 6:44 ) his sword and cut off the right ear of Malchus ( John 18:10 ), a servant of the high priest. Peter missed the man's head as he swerved to his left. Luke also ( Luke 22:50 ) mentions the detail of the right ear, but John alone mentions the man's name and Peter's. There was peril to Peter in his rash act as comes out later ( John 18:26 ), but he was dead long before John wrote his Gospel as was Lazarus of whom John could also safely write ( John 12:9-11 ). For wtarion, diminutive of ou, see Mark 14:47 (only other N.T. example), another diminutive wtion in Matthew 26:51 ( Mark 14:47 ; Luke 22:51 ).

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