John 18:11

Into the sheath (ei thn qhkhn). Old word from tiqhmi, to put for box or sheath, only here in N.T. In Matthew 26:52 Christ's warning is given. The cup (to pothrion). Metaphor for Christ's death, used already in reply to request of James and John ( Mark 10:39 ; Matthew 20:22 ) and in the agony in Gethsemane before Judas came ( Mark 14:36 ; Matthew 26:39 ; Luke 22:42 ), which is not given by John. The case of to pothrion is the suspended nominative for note auto (it) referring to it. Shall I not drink? (ou mh piw;). Second aorist active subjunctive of pinw with the double negative ou mh in a question expecting the affirmative answer. Abbott takes it as an exclamation and compares Luke 6:37 ; Mark 14:25 .

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