John 18:22

When he had said this (tauta autou eiponto). Genitive absolute of second aorist active participle of eipon, to say. Standing by (paresthkw). Perfect active (intransitive) participle of paristhmi (transitive), to place beside. One of the temple police who felt his importance as protector of Annas. Struck Jesus with his hand (edwken rapisma twi Ihsou). Late word rapisma is from rapizw, to smite with a rod or with the palm of the hand ( Matthew 26:67 ). It occurs only three times in the N.T. ( Mark 14:65 ; John 18:22 ; John 19:3 ), in each of which it is uncertain whether the blow is with a rod or with the palm of the hand (probably this, a most insulting act). The papyri throw no real light on it. "He gave Jesus a slap in the face." Cf. 2 Corinthians 11:20 . So (outw). As Jesus had done in verse 18:21 , a dignified protest in fact by Jesus.