John 18:23

If I have spoken evil (ei kakw elalhsa). Condition of first class (assumed to be true), with ei and aorist active indicative. Jesus had not spoken evilly towards Annas, though he did not here turn the other cheek, one may note. For the sake of argument, Jesus puts it as if he did speak evilly. Then prove it, that is all. Bear witness of the evil (marturhson peri tou kakou). First aorist active imperative of marturew, to testify. This is the conclusion (apodosis). Jesus is clearly entitled to proof of such a charge if there is any. But if well (ei de kalw). Supply the same verb elalhsa. The same condition, but with a challenging question as the apodosis. Smitest (derei). Old verb derw, to flay, to skin, to beat, as in Matthew 21:35 ; Luke 22:63 ; 2 Corinthians 11:20 (of an insulting blow in the face as here).