John 18:26

Did not I see thee in the garden with him? (ouk egw se eidon en twi khpwi met autou;). This staggering and sudden thrust expects an affirmative answer by the use of ouk, not mh as in verses Jo 17 25, but Peter's previous denials with the knowledge that he was observed by a kinsman of Malchus whom he had tried to kill (verse Jo 10) drove him to the third flat denial that he knew Jesus, this time with cursing and swearing ( Mark 14:71 ; Matthew 26:73 ). Peter was in dire peril now of arrest himself for attempt to kill. Straightway (euqew). As in Matthew 26:74 while Luke has paracrhma ( Luke 22:60 ). Mark ( Mark 14:68 Mark 14:72 ) speaks of two crowings as often happens when one cock crows. See Matthew 26:34 for alektwr (cock). That was usually the close of the third watch of the night ( Mark 13:35 ), about 3 A.M. Luke ( Luke 22:61 ) notes that Jesus turned and looked on Peter probably as he passed from the rooms of Annas to the trial before Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin (the ecclesiastical court). See Mrs. Browning's beautiful sonnets on "The Look".

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