John 18:40

Cried out (ekraugasan). First aorist active of kraugazw, old and rare verb from kraugh, outcry ( Matthew 25:6 ), as in Matthew 12:19 . Not this man (mh touton). Contemptuous use of outo. The priests put the crowd up to this choice ( Mark 15:11 ) and Pilate offered the alternative ( Matthew 27:17 , one MS. actually gives Jesus as the name of Barabbas also). The name Barabba in Aramaic simply means son of a father. A robber (lhsth). Old word from lhzomai, to plunder, and so a brigand and possibly the leader of the band to which the two robbers belonged who were crucified with Jesus. Luke terms him an insurgent and murderer ( Luke 23:19 Luke 23:25 ). They chose Barabbas in preference to Jesus and apparently Jesus died on the very cross planned for Barabbas.

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