John 19:1

Took and scourged (elaben kai emastigwsen). First aorist active indicative of lambanw and mastigow (from mastix, whip). For this redundant use of lambanw see also verse Luke 6 . It is the causative use of mastigow, for Pilate did not actually scourge Jesus. He simply ordered it done, perhaps to see if the mob would be satisfied with this penalty on the alleged pretender to royalty ( Luke 23:22 ) whom Pilate had pronounced innocent ( John 18:38 ), an illegal act therefore. It was a preliminary to crucifixion, but Jesus was not yet condemned. The Sanhedrin had previously mocked Jesus ( Mark 14:65 ; Matthew 26:67 ; Luke 22:63 ) as the soldiers will do later ( Mark 15:16-19 ; Matthew 27:27-30 ). This later mock coronation (Mark and Matthew) was after the condemnation. Plaited a crown of thorns (plexante stepanon ex akanqwn). Old verb plekw, to weave, in the N.T. only here, Mark 15:17 ; Matthew 27:19 . Not impossible for the mock coronation to be repeated. Arrayed him (periebalon auton). "Placed around him" (second aorist active indicative of periballw). In a purple garment (imation porpuroun). Old adjective porpureo from porpura, purple cloth ( Mark 15:17 Mark 15:20 ), dyed in purple, in the N.T. only here and Revelation 18:16 . Jesus had been stripped of his outer garment imation ( Matthew 27:28 ) and the scarlet cloak of one of the soldiers may have been put on him ( Matthew 27:28 ).

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