John 19:15

Away with him, away with him (aron, aron). First aorist active imperative of airw. See aire in Luke 23:18 . This thing has gotten on the nerves of the crowd. Note the repetition. In a second-century papyrus letter (Moulton and Milligan's Vocabulary) a nervous mother cries "He upsets me; away with him" (arron auton). Pilate weakly repeats his sarcasm: "Your king shall I crucify? (Ton basilea umwn staurwsw;). But Caesar (ei mh kaisara). The chief priests (oi arcierei) were Sadducees, who had no Messianic hope like that of the Pharisees. So to carry their point against Jesus they renounce the principle of the theocracy that God was their King ( 1 Samuel 12:12 ).