John 19:14

The Preparation of the passover (paraskeuh tou pasca). That is, Friday of passover week, the preparation day before the Sabbath of passover week (or feast). See also verses 2 Chronicles 31 42 ; Mark 15:42 ; Matthew 27:62 ; Luke 23:54 for this same use of paraskeuh for Friday. It is the name for Friday today in Greece. About the sixth hour (w ekth). Roman time, about 6 A.M. (a little after 6 no doubt) when Pilate rendered his final decision. Mark ( Mark 15:25 ) notes that it was the third hour (Jewish time), which is 9 A.M. Roman time, when the crucifixion began. Why should John give Jewish time writing at the close of the first century when Jerusalem and the Jewish state passed away in A.D. 70? He is writing for Greek and Roman readers. Behold your king (Ide o basileu umwn). Ide is here an exclamation with no effect on the case of basileu just as in Mark 1:29 . The sarcasm of Pilate is aimed at the Jews, not at Jesus.