John 2:15

A scourge of cords (pragellion ek scoiniwn). The Latin flagellum. In papyri, here only in N.T. and note Latin l becomes r in Koin. Scoiniwn is a diminutive of scoino (a rush), old word for rope, in N.T. only here and Acts 27:32 . Cast out (exebalen). Second aorist active indicative of ekballw. It is not said that Jesus smote the sheep and oxen (note te kai, both and), for a flourish of the scourge would answer. He poured out (execeen). Second aorist active indicative of ekcew, to pour out. The changers' money (twn kollubistwn ta kermata). "The small pieces of money (kermata, cut in pieces, change) of the bankers (kollubisth from kollubo, clipped, late word see on "Mt 21:12")." Perhaps he took up the boxes and emptied the money. Overthrew their tables (ta trapeza anetrepsen). First aorist active indicative of anatrepw, to turn up, though some MSS. have anestrepsen from anastrepw, also to turn up.

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