John 2:17

Remembered (emnhsqhsan). First aorist passive indicative of mimnhskw, to remind, "were reminded." Westcott notes the double effect of this act as is true of Christ's words and deeds all through John's Gospel. The disciples are helped, the traders are angered. That it is written (oti gegrammenon estin). Periphrastic perfect passive indicative of grapw retained in indirect discourse (assertion). The zeal of thine house (o zhlo tou oikou sou). Objective genitive. "The zeal for thy house." Shall eat me up (katapagetai me). Future middle indicative of katesqiw, defective verb, to eat down ("up" we say), perfective use of kata-. This future pagomai is from the second aorist epagon. It is a quotation from Psalms 69:9 , frequently quoted in the N.T.

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