John 4:11

Sir (Kurie). So it has to mean here in the mouth of the Samaritan woman, not Lord. Thou hast nothing to draw with and the well is deep (oute antlhma ecei kai to prear estin baqu). This broken construction of oute-kai (neither--and) occurs in N.T. elsewhere only in 3 John 1:10 . Antlhma (from antlew, to draw) is a late word for that which is drawn, then (Plutarch) for the act of drawing, and then for the rope as here to draw with. This well (prear) is 100 feet deep and Jesus had no rope. The bucket of skin ("with three cross sticks at the mouth to keep it open," Vincent) was kept at the well to be let down by a goat's hair rope. That living water (to udwr to zwn). "The water the living," with the article referring to the language of Jesus in verse 3 John 10 . She is still thinking only of literal water.